Welcome to the Pokemon Story WikiEdit

Pokemon Story Wiki is a site where you can write fanfictions about Pokemon.


5/5/11 - This wiki was created.

Rules and GuidelinesEdit

Here are the rules and guidelines to this wiki:

  • You can make story pages, character pages, made-up pokemon pages, region pages, place pages, or pages that overview your series.
  • There can be multiple stories in a series.
  • You can make up new regions, or stick with the real regions. Characters can be made up or real, too.
  • Character pages can be about a character in your story or a character's pokemon.
  • If it is a character's pokemon, name the page "_____'s Pikachu, Bulbasaur, etc.
  • In a character page page, you can make their personality, pokemon, or appearances in the stories.
  • You can't make character pages about a charactacter that is a real pokemon character.
  • Characters in character pages must be in one of your stories.
  • In made-up pokemon pages, you can include type, moves, behavior, etc. You can't use other people's pokemon.
  • In a page that overveiws your series, you can put a list of books in that series, a list of characters, etc.
  • You can write a series, or just an indivigual book, but a series is recomended.
  • No being mean or rude to other users. If you do this excessively, you will be banned.
  • No vandalizing. If you do, you will be banned.
  • No being hateful to other users. Again, if you do this a lot, you will be banned.
  • Have fun creating!

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